Solicitors in the City of Dacono

Registration and License Required

All door-to-door solicitors within the Dacono city limits must formally register with and be licensed by the City. Any individual or business that solicits without a valid City of Dacono license is in violation of Chapter 6, Article 7 of the City of Dacono Municipal Code and is subject to fines and/or a municipal court summons. Solicitors should NOT conduct any soliciting activities at homes or businesses that have a visible “no soliciting” sign.The City of Dacono issues a Solicitor’s License to each individual within the company that is licensed to solicit, and every individual solicitor is required to keep that license on his/her person when soliciting.

Problems with a Solicitor?

If you ask a solicitor to show you his/her solicitor’s license and he/she can’t or refuses to do so, then the solicitor should be assumed to be unlicensed and should be reported to Weld County Dispatch.

Call Weld County Dispatch at 720-652-4222 to report any solicitor that does not have proper City of Dacono soliciting credentials. Please DO NOT call City Hall, as calling dispatch directly results in officers being notified of potentially-unlicensed solicitors faster and more efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE that the above information applies only to commercial solicitors, and not to individuals that are soliciting for a political or religious cause.