Fence Permit

A fence permit is required to erect, construct, or reconstruct any fence or retaining wall in any zone district of the City.  Fences six feet (6') and under require a fence permit; fences over six feet (6') are subject to any permit required by Chapter 18 of the Dacono Municipal Code. The cost of a fence permit is $50 and the fence permit is subject to the City’s use tax  on the construction materials and supplies.

Fence permit applications can be submitted online.

General Fence Regulations

For a complete guide to City of Dacono fence regulations, see the Dacono Municipal Code Chapter 16.

  • Retaining walls must conform to lateral pressure engineering specifications and shall not be unsightly or detrimental to abutting property. 
  • Barbed wire or electric fences are not permitted. 
  • Dilapidated, unsightly or dangerous fences shall be removed or repaired when so ordered by the Building Official. All fencing, walls, and hedges shall be maintained in good condition, including but not limited to replacing or repairing broken components, such as pickets, and repainting.
  • For corner lots, front yard fence regulations shall apply to both street sides of lot. 
  • Front yard fence shall be constructed of chain link or split rail or other standard residential fence materials approved by the Building Official, except that no fence shall be constructed of plywood or particle board. Fences shall not exceed forty-two (42) inches in height, measured from the ground level immediately adjacent to the fence or wall, and shall be at least fifty percent (50%) open space. Fence pickets shall not exceed six (6) inches in width. No front yard fence shall be constructed nearer than thirty (30) inches from the sidewalk or other public walkway. No fence shall enclose a meter pit. 
  • Back yard fences may be constructed of masonry walls or other approved material, and the walls may be solid. Maximum height of back yard fences shall be six (6) feet, said fence not to extend past the front side of a dwelling to which it abuts.
  •  Fences and retaining walls may not be located within platted or other recorded easements, except that fences may be located along the rear lot lines of residential lots unless the plat specifically provides otherwise.  Fencing on multi-family residential and non-residential lots shall comply with the approved site plan.
  • Hedges shall not encroach over sidewalks, streets, or alleyways and shall be trimmed to maintain sight distance.

Prohibited Fence Materials

No person shall use rope; string; wire products including but not limited to chicken wire, hog wire, wire fabric, and similar welded or woven wire fabrics; chain; netting; cut or broken glass; paper; unapproved corrugated metal panels; galvanized sheet metal; plywood; or fiberglass panels in any fence, or use any other materials that are not manufactured specifically as fencing materials, unless approved by the Building Official.  The Building Official may require the applicant to provide the manufacturer’s standards to establish the intended use of proposed fencing materials.

Used materials, equipment, and devices shall not be used unless the Building Official determines they meet the requirements of the building code for new materials.

No person shall construct a fence of wood, metal, or plastic products that are designed specifically for uses other than fence construction.



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