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City of Dacono

Monday, November 27, 2023

6:00 PM

City Council Regular Meeting



Meeting location: Annex Building, 512 Cherry Ave - Building C, Dacono, CO   80514

Members of the public interested in viewing the meeting electronically, please visit:

Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Swearing-in of New Council Members


Presentations and Proclamations

     St. Vrain Valley School District – Don Haddad 


Public Comment on Issues Not Scheduled on Agenda (Public comments are limited to 4 minutes)


Consent Agenda

  1. *Approval of November 13, 2023, Regular Meeting Minutes.
  2. *Approval of Accounts Payable Dated November 27, 2023, in the Amount of $147,494.43.
  3. *Approval of Resolution 23-110, Concerning the Rental of Park Facilities and Adopting Pavilion Rules and Regulations for the City of Dacono.
  4. *Approval of Resolution 23-111, Approving an Independent Contractor Agreement with Coast Professional Inc. for Collection Services.
  5. *Approval of Resolution 23-112, Approving an Agreement with Sanderson Stewart for Survey Services.


General Business

  1. *A presentation of a Planned Unit Development Outline Development Plan (PUD-ODP) for a vacant 81.78-acre property located northwest of the intersection of Grandview Boulevard and Holly Street.

Presenter: Mark Doering, Senior Planner


  1. *Public Hearing and Approval of Resolution 23-113, Approving the Second Amended and Restated Service Plan for Ridge Lands.

Presenter: Jennifer Krieger, Interim City Manager


  1. *Public Hearing and Approval of Ordinance 951, Amending Chapter 18 of the Dacono Municipal Code to Add a New Article 9 Concerning Management of Construction Activities by Building Permit Holders, on Second Reading.  

Presenter: Jennifer Krieger, Interim City Manager


  1. *Public hearing for the 2024 Budget; and Approval of Resolution 23-114, Adopting a Budget for 2024, and approving a Summary of Revenues and Expenditures; Resolution 23-115, Appropriating Funds for 2024; Resolution 23-116, Adopting an Updated Employee Pay Plan for Fiscal Year 2024.    

Presenter: Kelly Stroh, Finance Director


  1. *Consideration and Approval of Resolution 23-117, Approving the 2023 Water Rate Study; and Approval of Ordinance 954, Amending Chapter 13 Regarding Water Rates and Charges, on First Reading.

Presenter: Kelly Stroh, Finance Director


  1. *Council Organization Matters.


Staff Reports


Council Members

A.  Doris Crespo                                  B.  Tony Cummings

C.  Rick Gerk                                       D.  Danny Long

E.  Adam Morehead, Mayor                F.  Kevin Plain

G. Michelle Rogers




*Materials in Packets. 


 Citizen Information - If you wish to speak at the City Council meeting, please add your name and address information to the sign-in sheet; comments will be limited to 4 minutes. 


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