Site Development Plan

General Requirements

In the City of Dacono, site plan approval is generally  required before a building permit can be issued for all business, commercial, industrial, multi-family, residential, schools, churches, and municipal or other quasi-public uses.   The regulations regarding site plans can be found in the Dacono Municipal Code Chapter 16 Article 24.


The purpose of a site plan is to provide for the review of the design and layout of individual sites prior to their development. The review ensures the livability of residential neighborhoods, ensures that public facilities are in place to serve the development and ensures that new development pays for its proportionate share of the cost of all necessary facility construction and expansion.

Non-Residential Design Standards

The purpose of the design standards is to promote high quality development and growth within the City of Dacono. It is the intent of the design standards to provide a framework that identifies the general elements that Dacono considers important in its definition of high quality design. 

Site design improvements ensure safe surroundings for the community, enhance the livability of residential neighborhoods, improve the appearance of land and customer attraction to commercial areas, increase property values, enhance the compatibility of adjacent land uses, screen undesirable views, reduce air and noise pollution, and contribute to the image and appeal of the community for both residents and nonresidents.

Non-residential design standards can be found in Dacono Municipal Code Chapter 16 Article 30.

Presubmittal Meetings Encouraged

A presubmittal meeting with Community Development staff is strongly recommended.

  1. Jennifer Krieger, AICP

    Community Development Director

  2. Mark Doering, AICP

    Senior Planner

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