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Moratorium & Regulation Update

On May 11, 2018, the Dacono City Council has approved a 90-day extension to the moratorium on oil and gas development within the city. The moratorium was established to allow the City to update its regulations and review processes regarding oil and gas development. The moratorium expires August 29, 2018. These regulations were last updated in 1996.

Large Oil and Gas Operations Coming to Dacono

Anadarko has purchased 500 acres of land in the City of Dacono for oil and Gas Development under various LLCs.  While the City of Dacono values a balanced approach to allow oil and gas development, the location, density and use of the land purchased for oil and gas activity is unprecedented.

The City is currently negotiating an operator agreement to guarantee that best management practices are fundamental to Anadarko oil and gas operations with Dacono.  Because Dacono will feel definite short-term and long-term impacts from the oil and gas operations, including a 16% reduction of developable land, our proposed agreement includes provisions that will positively impact our economy and way of life.

Operator Agreement Updates

  • January 23, 2018:  Draft Operator Agreement, Best Management Practices, Mitigation Plan and Projected Effects on Dacono from Anadarko Oil and Gas Development submitted to Anadarko.

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