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6:00 PM

This meeting will be held remotely.  Members of the public interested in joining the electronic meeting, please visit:


The council will use the call-in platform to accommodate public comments as best we can

Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Presentations and Proclamations


Public Comments on Issues not Scheduled on Agenda


Consent Agenda



Minutes of the July 26, 2021 Regular Meeting


Accounts Payable dated August 9, 2021 in the amount of $659,621.24


Acknowledging the receipt of the June 2021 Financial Statements and Corresponding Manual Journal Entries


Approval of Resolution 21-53, granting Final Acceptance of the Public Improvements for Longs Peak Business Park Amended Site Plan


Approval of Resolution 21-55, approving an Underwriting Engagement Letter with Piper Sandler


General Business


Public Hearing and Consideration of Ordinance 910, authorizing a Site Lease and Lease Purchase Agreement between the City, and UMB Bank, N.A. (solely in its capacity as Trustee) for the purpose of financing the acquisition of certain real property and related improvements; approving not to exceed $6,100,000 principal amount of Certificates of Participation, Series 2021 in connection therewith; authorizing officials of the City to take all action necessary to carry out the transactions contemplated hereby; and related matters, on Second Reading


Public Hearing Consideration of Ordinance 911, delegating certain Administrative and Disciplinary Authority to the City Manager, on Second Reading


Consideration and approval of Resolution 21-54, adopting the Weld County 2021 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan


Staff Reports


Council Members

Mayor Joe Baker      Danny Long
Kevin Plain                   Adam Morehead
Jackie Thomas            John Wargo             
Kathryn Wittman