What is the population of Dacono?

The 2020 population of the City of Dacono is 6,340. The growth rate for Dacono between 2015 and 2020 was 5.3 percent compared to 3.1 percent for Weld County and 1/2 percent for the State of Colorado.

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1. What is the population of Dacono?
2. What types of incentives are available for new businesses?
3. Where is Dacono located?
4. How can I find out about commercial property and land opportunities in Dacono?
5. Does the City offer public transportation?
6. Where is the closest shopping and dining?
7. Where are the closest hospitals and medical facilities?
8. How many and what kind of parks and recreation are available?
9. What housing options are available?
10. What educational options are available?