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Application for Dumpster Permit

  1. Application for Dumpster Permit

    This application is to be used for roll-off dumpsters placed ENTIRELY on a property (ex. in driveway.) Please contact Ashley Taylor at... More…

Land Use

  1. Industrial Use Application

    The Planning Commission is authorized to recommend to the City Council approval or denial of all uses in the I-1 Industrial District.... More…

Music & Movies

  1. Music & Movies Summer Series Food Vendor Application-2023

    The summer of 2023 just got better with a series of free concerts and outdoor movies all summer long at Centennial Field. Enjoy live... More…

  1. Non-Profit Booth Application-2022

Oil and Gas Comment Form

  1. Oil & Gas Comment Form

    Please complete this form to leave your comments regarding oil and gas in the City of Dacono.

Refuse Haulers' License Application

  1. City of Dacono Refuse Haulers' License Application

    Please complete all required fields and ensure that a current certificate of liability insurance listing the City of Dacono as... More…