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Music & Movies Summer Series Food Vendor Application-2023

  1. The Music & Movies Summer Series will be held on the following dates at Centennial Field. Please indicate what date(s) you are interested in. Please note that 2 (two) entrée food trucks and 1 (one) dessert food truck will be accepted per date in order to ensure vendor success. Applications will be reviewed and confirmation will be emailed. Applications will be accepted until spaces are filled.
  2. Note: Food vendor set up begins at 4:30 pm but must be ready to serve between 5:30pm-6:00pm.
  3. Required Food Truck Specifications:

    If applying as a food vendor (non food truck), please indicate "N/A."

  4. What side of the truck is the serving window located?*
  5. Is power required? *
  6. Do you have a rear door that requires clearance to open?
  7. Will you be using propane?*

    Propane is permitted during the event and is subject to be inspected by the Fire Department.

    Safety requirements: Outdoor cooking that produces sparks or grease-laden vapors shall be at least 20 feet from fabric, tents, canopies or flammable materials. Propane containers are required to be securely fastened in place to prevent movement.  


  8. Do you require extra space between trucks?*
  9. What category of food will you serve?*
  10. If applying as a food vendor (non food truck), please note the following:
    • No tables, chairs or awnings are provided.
    • Sandbags, cement buckets or the equivalent ARE required in securing your tents. If you do not provide these safety features, you will NOT be allowed to set up. Wind gusts do occur at Centennial Field.
    • Electricity is available and limited. Vendors must provide their own extension cords and power strips and pay electrical costs.
    • All booth vendors MUST clean booth areas before leaving. All trash MUST be place in receptacles.
  11. There is no application fee to participate, but the following documentation is required:
  12. Special Event License


    Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) License 


    Mobile Unit License

  13. Food vendors, please upload an example of your typical setup.


    · Weld County Environmental Services does not recognize City of Denver or County of Denver licenses.  All Denver licenses will be rejected. 

    · Food vendors are responsible for collecting & remitting all applicable sales tax to the State of Colorado (2.9%) and City of Dacono (3%). 

    · The City reserves the right to request the food truck to move if necessary.

    · In the event of inclement weather, the Music & Movie Summer Series may be postponed or cancelled.  Food trucks will be notified as soon as possible in the event of a weather cancellation.

    · Please contact Stephanie Lutzinger, Community Relations & Events Coordinator at 303-833-2317 X133 or for more information or questions.

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