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Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application

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  2. Business Information

  3. Contact Information

  4. Licensing

  5. Does this business hold a business license issued by the City of Dacono?*

  6. Does this business hold a liquor license issued by the City of Dacono?*

  7. Expansion Details

  8. Please indicate if your expansion area will include:*

    If your expansion include private areas, written consent MUST be given from property owner. If this document is not uploaded, there will be a delay in processing your application.

  9. Please mark the location of any any railings, fences, patio/shade coverings, or other temporary fixtures you want to install.

  10. Contact Us

  11. For questions regarding liquor licensing, please contact Valerie Taylor, CIty Clerk, at

  12. All other questions may be directed to Jennifer Krieger, Community Development Director, at

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